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Cyber hacks are very common these days, and if hacking a social media account is an easy game for the hacker, then your Wi-Fi’s password is no big deal either. Hence Wifikill pro for Android comes for the rescue. Developed by XDA app developers, the Wifikill pro is used to cut or block the users who have unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi hotspots.

There are a lot of Apps claiming to do the above thing but what makes the Wifikill pro stands out is its easy usage and also that it is a free App.

The Wifikill Pro App is compatible with all android devices having Android 4.0 or above.

Features of WifiKill Pro App

1) Free of Cost
Wifikill Pro does not charge for anything. Also, there is no premium or paid version. Hence all Android users can avail all the features of this App.

2) UDP Protocol blocking
The later versions of Wifikill protocol have got this features which allows you to block any UDP protocol entering/ accessing your Wi-Fi.

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3) Review the Activity of the users.
Wifikill Pro not only is used to block unwanted devices from your network, but it can use for hacking as well. Any malpractice done using your Wi-Fi will be considered to be done by you, as the Internet identifies only the owner of the NIC and the others. So it is necessary to have a check at your users’ activities.
Wifikill Pro lets you review the activities of the users. And if you find any mischief, you know what do to next.

4) Limit your Usage
When it comes to free access, no user will help you while saving your data. Hence you need to be self-capable for doing so. With Wifikill pro, you can set the limit the data usage and therefore reduce your bandwidth leeching from such leeches.

5) Remove all the devices at once
There is a grab all devices features in Wifikill pro, with which you can kill all the devices’ access to your network at one go

How to use Wifikill Pro?

  1. Connect to your Wi-Fi network and launch your Wifikill Pro App. You’ll find a start button, tapping on which will allow you to see the list of the devices connected to your network.
  2. To block a particular device, you must know their IP addresses, once you found that, select that. And you are done.
  3. Now you can see all the data usage of the device of your network. If you wish to remove that device from your network, swipe to kill, and then it will lose internet connection. If you’re going to remove all the devices, then grab all those and kill them all and if you want to delete this restriction then close the kill button.

How to install Wifikill Pro?

One thing to note is that Wifikill Pro is not available in google play store, so you have to download its APK file from your PC or Android. There are many APK files of the Wifikill Pro with different versions available on the internet, but you must be cautious while selecting one as many can be harmful.

Steps to Install:

1) Once you completed downloading, you have to tap on the file created, and you’ll ask if you would like to install the App.
2) Now if you have blocked installation from unknown sources, you’ll have unblocked it for that. You’ll be taken to the right place automatically. However, you can do it by yourself. Go to setting>security and then enable on the “Allow installation from unknown sources.”
3) Follow the same step again to install the App.

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